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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Indonesia to buy Presidential aircraft "Boeing 737-800"

Members of the board of commission 1, Teguh Juwarno, hoping the govermenr look back funding requirements that are required of this country, before buying a presidential plan Boeing 737-800 Businness Jet 2 for $ 91 million U.S. One of these educational needs, in this case the construction of new school and qualified for the nation's children. It is an awareness or sense of crisis in the midst of reality, as there are many dilapidated schools, children whose education is limited, and the lack of scholarships to foreign countries.

More priority if the cost was to make us be the generation of qualified experts. Moreover, the calculation of profit and loss buy these aircraft have also been made by the government, in this case the ministry of the state secretariat. According to the government, the purchase of Boeing 737-800 aircraft presidency is more efficient than commercial charter aircraft. Financial savings of the country reached 388,5 million U.S dollars over the next 35 years. Meanwhile, when it has a plane, the savings can be made over 5 years reached 32,136,121 U.S dollars. The details, the purchase of aircraft 91,20956 million U.S dollars, the cost of maintenance and operations 36,533,357 U.S dollars, the cost of depreciation 10,423,949 U.S dollars. If the total, this figure reached 138,166,867 U.S dollars. If we speak today we can not prevent. First it was presented the advantages and disadvantages. Seen from a count of the numbers are still profitable, than for example if you have to rent because of the device, a lot.

This case is like the rice has become porridge. Now, says Teguh, the house can only control so that the existence of these aircraft provide maximum benefit to the state's interest. He hopes there is nothing wrong in purchasing this presidential plane if it is really needed.

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